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Straw grass oil refining project

Writer:Nengxing    time:24/10/2020

The core key is the dual "biochemical long carbon chain and short carbon chain change" reaction. The straw grass refining equipment is called "comprehensive universal oil refining equipment"

Chinese invention patent and proprietary technology inventor- Mr. Guan Lixiang, finally successfully developed a kind of high-tech new energy product- straw vegetation waste converts into biodiesel after more than 20 years painstaking research, obtained patent of PRC, it fills the gaps in the energy field at home and abroad; Moreover, the inspection and measurement by the first-level authority of the national energy department show that there are about 300,000 kinds of combustible substances on the ground surface! Applying Nengxing's unique patented equipment and technology, through biological XN-DNA transfactor, after fermentation at room temperature to 60 degrees, the molecules are fissioned, and the bonds of organic matter carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are instantly broken and recombined Natural gas and oil formed immediately! It can replace petroleum and coal tar energy resources. The gas produced by this technology can reach 9% and the formation of oil can reach 70%; these gas and oil, which have been formed after the earth’s crust has changed for hundreds of millions of years, are now through the use of Nengxing Technology Mr. Guan Lixiang’s invention patent and Special technical equipment can be realized in one hour! Created a new milestone in the world energy strategy!

Basic procedure: Material sorting → The molecules liquefied fermentation in themselves → Molecular extreme energy gelatinization fermentation → Ordinary pressure anti-gravity filling hydrogen distillation → Measure the quality of refined diesel → Environmental protection low-carbon → Energy conservation and emission reduction → Ferment various of particles at low temperature and normal pressure → Kinds of organic garbage forerun light diesel oil at 60 ℃, which can replace thermal cracking of tires and tires refining oil. Fermenting various kinds of particles into the equivalents that can replace petroleum.  

Straw and grass fermentation to refine biodiesel

At present, the annual output of natural raw materials such as straw, wheat husk, etc. in China is quite astonishing. High-tech methods can be used to re-use these waste gas materials without any pollution and generate economic benefits. The promotion of this project And the application is not only benefiting mankind, but also realizing the dream of economic development of the world!

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